The StageSpace, Wellington Airport

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The StageSpace
A Place in The Clouds
Wellington International Airport
New Zealand

9 September – 11 October 2011

The StageSpace is a performance environment where the arts of New Zealand’s Creative Capital were brought to Wellington International Airport for the 2011 Rugby World Cup. A landscape of floating white shapes and lit surfaces provided space for a programme of dance, installation, fashion, cooking, and musical performances. Like the view from an airplane window, these events offer moments of distraction for the passing public: fleeting visions that transform the everyday routines of the airport into a place of discovery and transformation.

Over a month The StageSpace featured over 100 artists, 30 groups, and 45 separate events from the Wellington performing and visual arts community, including work by: Footnote Dance, Merenia Grey, Glass Vaults, Java Dance, Interrupt Collective, Newtown Rocksteady, Habit and Veil, Sasha Perfect, Jess Chambers, Seth Frightening, Alex Mann, and New Zealand School of Music (among others).

Curated and designed by Sam Trubridge
Creative producer Josephine O’Sullivan
Assistant designers Sarah Burrell and Mathilde Polmard
Production manager David Goldthorpe
Interactive media design Stuart Foster
Music technician Rowan Pierce

Sponsored by JR Duty Free and Wellington International Airport
Presented in association with Spatial Design at Massey University


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