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The Performance Arcade 2013 looked at our mythical home places: investigating the spaces, possessions, memories, traditions, and rituals that make our dwellings. As a utility for transporting homes and lives, the shipping container became a poignant site for these concerns: becoming a house of many rooms, a village, a suburban avenue of dwellings, or a corridor of apartments for inhabitants as diverse as our contemporary metropolis.

Our cities are full of these atomised ‘caves’: arcaded living spaces of identical proportions. What stories do these enclosures contain? What forces are impacting on our private spaces and our private routines? What are the anxieties and aspirations that fill our homes? Sometimes these anxieties and aspirations are not our own: instead they are broadcast to us on devices that make the walls of our enclosures flicker with their light. Like Plato’s cave‐dwellers we can struggle to differentiate between these dreams and our own.

This Performance Arcade 2013 was a space where the mythologies of the home were investigated in the physical, sensitised world of live art practises: sometimes unsettling, melancholic, exuberant or thoughtful, the diverse range of voices provided a provocative discussion on the intersections between the quotidian and the quixotic, between the domestic and the dream.

THE CONTAINER SERIES: works housed in individual containers.
THE LIVE MUSIC SERIES: a programme of performances from cutting edge NZ musicians.
THE WATERFRONT SERIES: works that travelled through, or occupied spaces along Wellington Waterfront.
THE LIVELAB: featured a different work daily – culinary performance, installation, and performance art.

REFORM: an independent review for the Wellington independent performing arts industry
With a special international guests Christopher McElroen and Ryan Hartigan.

Artistic Director / Curator – Sam Trubridge
Executive Producer – Josephine O’Sullivan
Production Manager – David Goldthorpe
Associate Producer – Charlotte Jackson
Music Programmer – Anna Edgington
Architecture and Layout – Jen Archer
Site Manager – Melany Lazarus
Production Assistant – Shannon Brosnahan-Inglis
Director’s Assistant – Georgina Watson
RE-FORM co-ordinator – Isobel Mebus
Architectural Assistant – Charlee Davies
Construction Manager  – Shaun Mallinder
Construction Assistant – Joon Ho Kwon
Signage – Nick Kapica
Documentation – Hannah McDougall
Publicist – Patricia Nurchandra
Marketing Assistant – Thomas Phillips
Photographer – Matt Fannin
Bar Manager – Justin McKenzie (Liquid Winks)

Funded by – Wellington City Council

Presenting Partners – Te Papa Tongarewa, Liquid Winks, NZ Fringe Festival

International Programme Sponsor – Bolton Hotel
Print Sponsor – Thames Publishing
Sound Sponsor – AVS
Fencing Sponsor – Event Fence
Container Sponsor – Royal Wolf

Contributing Sponsors – Bats Theatre, Winesale, Superloo, Massey University, Wellington Waterfront


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