EUREKA! – Amy Miller and Daniel Cruden
This project frames the principles of Archimedes’ famous ‘theory of displacement’ through a relationship between the ocean, a diving board, the public, and an overflowing bath. Displacement becomes a simple game of cause and effect within the loop of activities that this work encourages between bath and the ocean. SEE VIDEO

CARGOKasia Pol and Matt Hunkin
In Cargo the container is stripped of its physical identifiers, devoid of content, point of origin or purpose. The container floats in the liminal space of the Harbour, neither fully exported nor imported, having departed but never arriving, a state both demanding attention and creating tension.

STOWAWAY Kalisolaite Uhila
Tongan born Uhila examines his uncle’s arrival in NZ in the 1970s, after 4 weeks hiding in a shipping container. The stowaway enacts a secretive survival process over the four days of the Arcade, leaving traces of his activity in unexpected places. All the while he is surveyed through peepholes in the container walls and video links to other locations.

In an evolution of Antibodies from the 2011 Arcade, Lie and McGowan construct a satirical clinic, where ‘fruit logic’ examines submissions from passers-by of their perceived ailments, concerns, and traumas. A waiting room on the other side of the container issues prescriptions and obscure diagnosis.

This pervasive performance company creates a landscape for the senses using ipods, RFID technology, and a specially constructed interior architecture. The activity of participants within the container trigger sound cues in their personalised soundscapes, making them unwitting performers for the public that looks on through peepholes.

CIRCULAR PERSUASION – Serene Lorimer with Elise Chan
Choreography and literature collaborate to construct a ‘performance loop’ between a writer responding to the activity on the waterfront, and the projection of his words in a space next-door. A dancer translates this material into their own language. Isolated cells of activity come together in a relationship with the passing public, featuring guest writers and dancers.

THE SHELL – Isobel Dryburgh and Lydia FIne
10 LCD screens playing domestic movements combine their sound-scapes to create an overwhelming impression of the sea: feet on a wooden floor become the lapping of waves on the shore, sherbert on a tongue becomes the fizz of sea foam. The Shell pays homage to the water mass that greets us at our shores, performing the ocean in a poetic play between moving image and sound.

VESSELS  – Russell Scoones
This sonic art work features three oil drums. Within, three soundscapes disturb the materials that fill each of these ‘vessells’. Oil, sand and water ripple and jump to the rhythms and percussion of these ‘cymatic’ compositions, using narrations of seafaring tales or the sounds of the ocean. The legacy of the shipping container and the oil drum becomes a vessel for memory and a yearning for the sea.

LIGHT PARADE  – Interrupt Collective 
Interrupt presents an interactive spatial interface that enables visitors to engage in a reactive performance of light and sound. SEE VIDEO


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