SUNDAY 23 February

12.30pm THE PREVIEW PICNIC, Live music from Nikita Tu Bryant and Myele Manzanza

WEDNESDAY 26 February

8.00-11.00pm OPENING NIGHT CONCERT: Glass Vaults and Grayson Gilmour

THURSDAY 27 February

4.30 – 6.00pm  AFTERNOON MUSIC SERIES: The Electric Pungas – Balkan inspired electric/acoustic music.

7.30-11.00pm BEATLAB: There’s something wonderful going down in Wellingtown. In home studios, garden sheds and cellars, artists are using new (and old) technologies to explore sound and music in ways unimaginable to our musical forefathers. The result – a rapidly growing scene of magical electronic music that is delighting listeners all over the world and putting Wellington on the map. Featuring: Weka, West Coast Bullies, and Black City Lights, back from their US tour in 2013 and of to The Great Escape (UK) in May. Catch them while you can!

FRIDAY 28 February

4.30-6.00pm AFTERNOON MUSIC SERIES: Hi Carb – An early evening luscious musical treat from Justin Firefly Clarke, Ben Lemi and Rio Hemopo.

7.30-11.00pm NEW MEDIA NEW MUSIC CONCERT: Wellington’s top sonic artists and sound designers join together with the audio-visual extravaganza The Somatic Symposium (Wanderer Productions) to present an evening of digital innovation that will open minds, delight the ears and eyes, and fuel the curiosity. With Tane Upjohn-Beatson, The Sonic Arts Collective, and guests. The Somatic Symposium includes works by Kelly Kollective, Arlo Edwards, Raewyn Turner, Max Schleser, and Naomi Lamb.


1.00-6.00pm AFTERNOON MUSIC SERIES: Luckless, Amazing Cartwheel Band, and Guests

7.30-11.00pm SATURDAY NIGHT CONCERT: Come and celebrate the Performance Arcade 2014, the New Year and astonishing art in Wellington. There will be music from Ills Winter (Elizabeth De La Rey’s new solo project), the captivating and soulful Joe Blossom, and the funk-jazz innovators Agitator. Come dance and party with this amazing line up of energetic acts.

SUNDAY 2 March

12.00-6.00pm  AFTERNOON MUSIC SERIES: The Body Lyre, The Troubles, and Guests

8.30-10.30pm Pecha Kucha Night: The Waterfront Tales:  (Door Sales $10)

A global phenomenon and presentation format where speakers choose 20 slides and are given 20 seconds to talk about each slide.

This year’s lineup includes presenters from Wellington’s coastal community, where the city meets the sea.


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