The Island Micro-Nation

Tania Douthwaite (Australia)
West Australian Undersea Club, Perth

This Deep Anatomy project will seek a dialogue on the power of positive leadership in the sphere of marine conservation, seeking to encourage freedivers to come out of their depths and engage with the community to improve the natural virtues of Long Island and their local environments. 

With the eyes closed, the freedivers’ audience of one meditates on their one life sustaining need at such depth – air. Within one the breath, the freediver unites body and mind in order to extend their own boundaries within the marine realm, whilst extending his or her own boundaries within the mental realm. Such resilience of body and mind engenders thoughtful or care-full action in everyday life and determines that freedivers, if resolute in their practise, develop strength, flexibility and balance of both mind and body by virtue of their sport.

 Tania Douthwaite is a Free-diver, Marine Scientist, Ocean Conservationist, and Visual Artist with a Bachelor of the Arts at Murdoch University, and a Bachelor of Science at University of Tasmania. As a marine scientist she has studied the distribution of krill, (Euphausiacea), off the Western Australian coast and is currently researching data for the conservation of Hector’s and Maui’s dolphins.

A part of the programme for Deep Anatomy – a regional cluster for Performance Studies International #21 globally dispersed conference on Long Island, The Bahamas, April 26-May10, 2015.

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