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GOLD AWARD: The Designer’s Institute of NZ Best Awards, 2009
OFFICIAL SELECTION: World Stage Design Exhibition, 2009
FRINGE AWARDS: for Best Production Design and Most Outstanding Performer, 2009

This award-winning highlight of the New Zealand New Performance Festival uses science and performance to peel back the layers of consciousness on stage. Critics have praised the stunning visuals, choreography, and composition of this work – which features moving walls, projection, somnographic machinery, beautiful lighting, and many surprises. Through the languages of movement, image, and science a unique journey begins: into the unknown territory of sleep, where we spend one third of our lives.

The show is staged on a custom-built set that forms an integral part of each performance. Critical to the experience is the live-operation of the technical elements of set design, light, sound and AV. Moving walls, projections, somnographic machinery, liquids seeping across the stage, and the play of light in the space are all live performances that are synthesised with the movements of the performers.

The work was developed in close collaboration between the company and renowned sleep scientist Professor Philippa Gander from Massey University’s Sleep/Wake Research Centre: using science and performance to investigate the worlds of the sleeping body. Says director Sam Trubridge: “When we sleep, we don’t perform. But the moment we wake up, we enter the world again. We start to put on our costumes, our make-up, building ourselves up until we’re ready to face the world again, and ready to take the stage.”

Sleep/Wake was commissioned for a special season in Auckland’s Town Hall for the 2009 Auckland Festival of the Arts where it received rave reviews for its intelligent collaboration with science and stunning performance design. It has since been shown in New York at the famous La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club in 2015.

The Print Factory Performance Laboratory, Massey University, Wellington, NZ (January 31 – February 8 2008)
Auckland Town Hall, Auckland, NZ (for the Auckland Festival of the Arts, March 7-11 2009)
La MaMa ETC, New York, USA (for the New Zealand New Performance Festival, March 19-22 2015)

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