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FESTIVAL OF NZ WORKS TO BE PRESENTED IN NEW YORK The Playground NZ has been invited to present a mini-festival of 10 New Zealand works at the renowned La Mama Experimental Theatre Club in New York, in March 2015, including its own award-winning production: Sleep/Wake . This exciting event, the New Zealand New Performance Festival will … Continue reading


THE PERFORMANCE ARCADE: 4 YEARS IN THE ELEMENTS With The Prague Quadrennial focussing on Music Weather Politics next year, and the call for applications for the NZ exhibition closing this week, it is good time to look at the four years of The Performance Arcade in New Zealand. The inaugural Arcade event opened just four … Continue reading


ABOUT CARRIAGE 7.2.2014 Australian artist Mick Douglas is interviewed by Mathilde Polmard (from MOM the group working on Matter Matters in this year’s Arcade) about his new work for The Performance Arcade 2014. MP: So, I remember your work last year was Container Walk, and I know this year that you are packing and unpacking … Continue reading

PA2014 Interview #01

ABOUT MATTER 7.2.2014 Australian Artist Mick Douglas interviews Mathilde Polmard on the work she is creating with MOM for The Performance Arcade 2014. MD: So Mathilde you’ve been working with The Performance Arcade for three or four times now? MP: Since the first year, so this is the fourth year. MD: And this year is … Continue reading


PORCELAINTOY Hannah McDougall talks with some fresh talent to be seen in the Live Music Series in The Performance Arcade 2013. Porcelaintoy is a richly evocative and innovative musical collaboration between Elizabeth De la Rey (vocals/guitar/piano) and Emile De la Rey (electronics). Their song-driven sound assimilates aspects of a number of eclectic musical traditions, ranging … Continue reading

walk… walk into a shipping container… walk nowhere… walk time…walk on…walk… A surprising journey of patterns, pacing, individual and collective effort unfolds as personal and public experiences gather momentum one foot after another. Australian artist Mick Douglas walks the duration of the Performance Arcade festival in the wondrous distances of a shipping container. Douglas makes … Continue reading


ENSURING EVERYBODY HAS EVERYTHING THEY NEED __ Hannah McDougall talks with man of many talents, David Goldthorpe, about his role in The Performance Arcade, and what it means to be an independent artist. What is your involvement in the Arcade? I’m working on the arcade as a production manager, and so my role is scheduling, … Continue reading


A VERY WHOLESOME EVENT _ Hannah McDougall talks with girl-in-the-know, Music Programmer Anna Edgington, about her involvement in the Performance Arcade 2013. What is your role in the Arcade? I am the music programmer. It involves finding bands who would be interested in what the Arcade stands for, and who are sonically wonderful, interesting and … Continue reading

PA2013 Interview #12

CALLING ALL EMOTICONS! Anna Hunt is inviting everyone to join her work Emoticons. For five seconds or five hours, you can join this ‘frozen flash mob’ of live mannequins. All it takes is putting a paper bag on your head… Hannah McDougall talks with artist and designer Anna Hunt about her interactive installation in The … Continue reading


1000 WHITE TEACUPS Hannah McDougall talks with performance designers Mathilde Polmard & Margarita Ianev about their two works featured in The Container Series and The Waterfront Series, for The Performance Arcade 2013. What will you be presenting in the Arcade? This year we are presenting two new works: a one-off culinary event called Cooking Class … Continue reading