The Performance Arcade was initiated by The PlayGround NZ to provide an opportunity for live art projects in Wellington NZ, establishing an innovative and collaborative platform for presenting live arts and developing this growing community of artists. In 2014 the Manifesto for a Performance Community was written by a group of Arcade contributors to further define this vision for future events:

The Arcade functions as an ‘umbrella event’ for chosen projects, aiming to provide as much resource and infrastructure as possible to aid in the presentation of the works. It seeks to develop and maintain a close community of artists and crew for the duration of the project. In this way, a well-formed, cohesive event is produced that creates numerous opportunities for networking, mentorship, and collaboration within this community.

The terms and conditions below outline a mutually beneficial partnership between The PlayGround NZ (The Presenter) and The Artist to present their work in The Performance Arcade 2016 (The Event), detailing the expectations of each party to the other.

The Presenter will provide the following:

For container works: One standard 20 foot shipping container placed on site for the installation of the artwork. Any special requirements, specific containers, or engineering may incur extra expenses, which will be the responsibility of The Artist.

For works in other waterfront/city sites: Assistance in negotiations with property owners and city council to secure sites for the work.

Power supply/technology:
For container works: 240volt 10 amp power for all works located within The Performance Arcade. Any special power requirements or higher capacity circuits required may incur an extra cost which will be the responsibility of the Artist.
For the Live Music Series / StageSpace: PA system, lighting, and sound engineer.
For works in other waterfront/city sites: Assistance in the sourcing of power at city venues, assisting with relationships with City Council and Property Owners.
For works on screens: Screen and playback devices for presenting the work installed in the Arcade.

Event management: A production team to provide scheduling, infrastructure support and event management.

Event Facilities: Event signage including a listing of the Artist’s work; restroom facilities; a shared container space for artists; spaces to meet with the public, relax, and develop dialogue such as a bar, lounge space, and a stage space.

Health and Safety: Management of the event, including establishing a risk assessment document, to comply with and maintain OSH standards required by Wellington City Council.

Marketing/Publicity: A publicity campaign to promote the event and individual works to the Wellington public, including press interviews, articles, etc. Creation and execution of a marketing plan including a poster and flyer campaign.

Insurance: The Presenter provides Public Liability Insurance for the event, this includes the Venue, Power Supply and Event Facilities outlined above. However this does not include performers’ public liability insurance for The Artist. It is recommended that the Artist take out their own insurance for the course of the Arcade and The Presenter is happy to advise.

Creative leadership: Creative leadership of the overall event and curatorial development of individual works in collaboration with the Artist, to ensure a high profile and quality event.

Mentorship: Mentorship and assistance with fundraising, resourcing, and realisation of The Work.

Development workshops: Special events and workshops that help build community and communication between artists.

Performance Lab: An open studio space in the city, for artists to test and develop their work leading up to The Event.

Technical and planning assistance: Our team of experienced designers, constructionists and technicians will be available to offer advice and assistance in the planning and realisation of The Work.

Accommodation for International Artists: Lodging will be sourced for international artists from billeting with local artists and our international programme sponsor: Bolton Hotel. Returning artists are expected to arrange their own accommodation.

The Artist agrees to the following:

Providing advance documentation: Provide working drawings, timelines, artist planners, and publicity material to the Arcade by dates requested. (Deadlines and templates for information will be sent in advance).

Attend Arcade events: Attend The Performance Arcade 2016 Launch and other special events, wherever possible.

Attend artist workshops: As outlined in the below schedule, wherever possible. The workshops are considered part of the curatorial process of developing Arcade works, and the artist agrees to participate on this basis.
Note 1: If the artist is unable to attend a significant number of workshops or cannot ensure the quality of their work then the Arcade reserves the right to withdraw their work from the programme.
Note 2: International artists, or artists from outside of Wellington unable to attend workshops, will be expected to communicate regularly with the Arcade to develop their work and provide material required for integration within the production, architecture, and marketing of the Arcade.

Curatorial development: Develop a curatorial dialogue – through meetings and communication with Artistic Director – to realise The Work within the overall vision of the Arcade. Please see below curatorial statement.

Funding: Funding and resourcing of The Work is the responsibility of The Artist.

Pack-in and Pack-out: Be responsible for and available for the pack-in and removal of their work in the Arcade, from February February 22 – March 1, and pack out from March 7-9, 2016.

Maintain their work: Daily performance in, or operation of the work during the event from March 2-6 2016, maintaining this state between 10am-11pm daily with appropriate breaks. For City Series artists a schedule will be developed that best suits their works.

Health and Safety: Work with the Production Manager and Site Manager to create a risk assessment document and health and safety plan for The Work. Adhere to this plan as well as The Event’s Health and Safety Policy and Safe Working Practices.

Intellectual Property and Rights: The Work shall remain the intellectual property of The Artist. The Artist grants The Presenter rights to gather, archive and publish documentation of The Work for the purpose of promotion of The Performance Arcade in future years.

Curatorial Statement
Arcade artists are selected on the quality of their proposals, and relevance to The Performance Arcade’s guiding principals and vision. In notification of their selection artists will be informed of the aspects of their work that require development in order to be considered ready for presentation in the event. As curator and artistic director for the event, Sam Trubridge will work with these artists through this process, helping prepare works for the Arcade, and developing a holistic vision for the overall event. 

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