The Performance Arcade 2011 Wellington, Container Series

BODY OF WORK: VENUS – Josephine O’Sullivan
This work uses the world of the photo-shoot to explore beauty myths by crafting a new figure of Venus over seven hours each day. The container becomes a fashion studio wherein a model, photographer, hair-dresser, make-up artist, and seamstress all work at trying to recreate an idealized image of femininity. Includes photographer Frances Cheetham and fashion designer Briedi McCrostie.

P.O.P. fills a container with white balloons. From Thursday participants are invited to register and on Friday at 6.30pm return for a frenzied event of balloon deflation. Recorded sound is played back to fade with memory. P.O.P focuses on the instant of participation, and the ‘point of presence’ during which participants transgress the usual separation between artwork and viewer.

NAG – Marcus Mcshane and guests
For each creative leap there are many stumbles. Sometimes you make and make and make and at the end of it all everything you’ve made still needs work. So do you stop? Or do you nag yourself to keep on going? Nag is a self-powered studio with artists cycling to run computers, lights, printers, and record players. As they cycle, the artists produce work in a tireless production of energy and inspiration.

Five industrial fans turn a shipping container into a wind tunnel. He Cranked The Lever… It All Began is an interactive installation work that investigates weightlessness and elation; evoking the thrill and rush of the circus ride. All the Way Home Ltd is Meg Rollandi, Esther Green, Thomas Press, and Paul Tozer.

INSIDE THE FRAME – Interrupt Group
This spatially interactive installation engages the audience as performer, engaging them in a live relationship with projected imagery and sound. Interrupt is a collective of digital-media artists, designers, VJs, composers, and sonic artists working across a range of live performance projects and night-club venues in Wellington that includes Stuart Foster, Harry Silver, Johann Nortje and Angus Woodhams.

HIDDEN CITY MAPS – LudiCity Collective
A mis-tour of Wellington: issued with an portable music device and a performance pack, participants are guided through an alternative itinerary of the city to discover the unseen stories of our harbour capital. Hidden City Maps was shown in the 2010 Blow Festival (Massey University) and was selected for the 2011 Prague Quadrennial. LudiCity is Sarah Burrell, Andrew Simpson, Jon Coddington, & Robin Kerr.

ANTIBODIES – Ana McGowan and Lucia Lie
This performance art work investigates notions of internal crisis, psychological conflict, and methods of release. The two performance artists are viewed through small openings in the container to reveal their continuous activity of embroidering, boxing, bandaging, and cutting items from their bandages.



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