Ecology in Fifths

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Ecology in Fifths is a new dance and design based production, that reflects upon the ecologies that we inhabit in our everyday lives. An elevated platform of grass becomes the stage wherein suburban rituals, pastoral tragedies, and earthy reveries unfold to the rhythm of an immersive soundscape by NZ composer Bevan Smith. Seated on four sides of this structure, the audience are enveloped in the ecology of the work constructed through dance, music and performance design.

Ecology in Fifths looks at H Guthrie Smith’s (1921) Tutira: The Story of an NZ Sheep Station, an obsessive account of the NZ ecology, that is now a recognised classic in environmental science worldwide. Piece by piece the NZ myth of a ‘clean green and natural landscape’ is unravelled to reveal the environmental tensions that lie underneath our grassy paddocks and forest canopies.

Ecology in Fifths previewed a development season in 2010.



Performance designer / director, Sam Trubridge
Choreography, Carol Brown
Composer, Bevan Smith
Lighting design, Marcus McShane
Sonic architecture and performance, Rowan Pierce
Costume Design, Emma Ransley
Construction and realisation, Laurenz Walterfang
Sonic sculpture and operating, Chris Tipuna
Choreography and dance, Elizabeth Barker, Anita Hunziker, Alex Leonhartsberger and Joshua Rutter




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