Cast Aways

Amelia Taverner (Canada/NZ)
Massey University, Wellington

By working with washed up garments from the beach I hope to put life back into the clothing and the bodies that wore them. These recovered items come from shipwrecked boats travelling between Haiti to the USA. This work investigates the disappearance and reappearance of refugee and migrant bodies. Cast Aways is a work in three phases: the discarded, unification, and revival.

11160074_10153223624971070_109152759_nAmelia Taverner has a BFA Honours in Theatre Production and Design from York University in Toronto. She is passionate about costume design and construction. She has designed costumes for various productions in Toronto. Recent credits include costume design and construction for The Film Series by Carol Brown in Auckland, NZ, and wardrobe management for Sleep/Wake by The Playground NZ at La MaMa, New York. In June, she will begin her Master’s in Design at Massey University, Wellington, focusing on costume design sustainability.

A part of the programme for Deep Anatomy – a regional cluster for Performance Studies International #21 globally dispersed conference on Long Island, The Bahamas, April 26-May10, 2015.

22/4/2015: Gordons Beach. Gathering garments left from the wreckage of Haitian refugee boats. The wooden deck is from the Miss Shirley, which was wrecked here almost two years ago. This boat was registered in North Carolina. It probably carried refugees from Haiti to the USA northwards, and second-hand merchandise in the other direction, such as the mattresses which have now filled with sand and split apart in this first image. The second two images are of the wreck in November 2013.

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2013-11-21 16.08.38

28/4/2015: Dean’s Blue Hole. First day of the installation: a series of photographs by Deep Anatomy contributor Denise Batchelor.  


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2/5/2015: On Cast Aways – an ‘Intersections Talk’ by costume designer and artist Amelia Taverner about her work in Deep Anatomy. [view]

5/5/2015: Images from the second stage of the work – unification. Photos by Locksley Cartwright.

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7/5/2015: Dean’s Blue Hole. On the final day of Vertical Blue, the bolt of sewn garments is floated in the lagoon. Photographs: Denise Batchelor.

Denise Batchelor 1 Denise Batchelor 3 Denise Batchelor 4 Denise Batchelor 5

9/5/2015: Gordon’s Beach. The fabric is returned to the shore that it was gathered from, and stretched from the remaining structure of the Miss Shirley wreck. Over the day, the wind pulls the seams apart and the tide tugs at the waterlogged sections, slowly winding it around the underwater debris. The work could be seen from the carpark at the southernmost end of the Queen’s Highway (Long Island’s main road) and by fishermen diving the drop-off out to sea. As visitors walked towards the work, they passed fragments of the broken boat and other pieces of clothing and flotsam. Photographs by: Denise Batchelor, Sam Trubridge, and William Trubridge.






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