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Best Port Forwarding Softwares For Windows 2020

Port forwarding refers to the surreptitious activity of interrupting data rush leading to a PC’s IP/port amalgam later progressing it to a distinct port. The program which is handled on the main device normally is the cause of redirection, but on occasions, middle hardware component, like a router, a proxy server or firewall may also be a target.

Need Of Port Forwarding

It provides an exceptional way for protection of a person’s internet protocol address. This secures users and servers from undesirable approach, it camouflages its serving facility and servers on a network, and restrict access back-&-forth within network. Port forwarding acts crystal clear even to its last user plus there is insertion of supplementary layer of safety towards web network.

It permits web controllers to employ one IP address for every extrinsic reporting on the net, thus providing numerous hosts having special IP address and internal ports. Port forwarding is of more use for gaming purposes and home-based networks.

It also works the way when an IP address is used to achieve the chore by descending traffic. The internal network needs proper serving by the administrator by provision of unit IP address.

Learn about Packets

Network packet, a bag of complete data that contain requests, which are then shared on the internet accounting the target of your device. Packets form a web bridge, including router or firewall.

Router plays a significant role by investigating the “header” of the IP packet & then connecting it to the apt interface which is later moved to its destination whose information is stored in packet’s header.

Now, things happen differently in port forwarding, VPN client takes a note of packet header, copies its terminus, revise the heading details and then direct it to different server which is not the same as you planned.

The secondary target can differ in containing dissimilar IP address along with the same or a different port with same address, or even a completely different union of them.

Redirecting with proxy (VPN)

Proxy enables rephrasing of packet before dispatching it further, after inspecting its online activities performed by your end (on appeal for viewing site or via email). Yes, the web proxies follow port forwarding aids. This proxy server actually redirects the computer traffic using the proxied data that ends in a different port number only if you have access to the firewall or the router.

How Port Forwarding Works?

The computer we work on has its own private IP address and the router has a public IP address.  Port forwarding is done by logging to the router using a gateway address, following the addition of all the details available at the login sheet. Next step is virtually clicking on port forwarding setting, under advanced option displayed on that sheet. Fill the gadget designation in the port forwarding page which will be entered by the port which you want to forward in the port field. Next, select ‘TCP/UDP’ or both under protocol if unsure about the protocol you are utilising. The Final step which involves is the process of writing an interior IP address that the device in which you wanted to port in the later cases, and then click apply. To ensure your work, click on following the port number passed. Inspect port and be sure.

Types of Port Forwarding

The common types are mentioned below:

1. Local Port Forwarding

This is the most favored type of port forwarding that make sure to involve the dispatching data from the various another client application in case of the similar system. It also allows you to join local machines with different servers easily. One can also collect information about the firewalls that are obstructing various web pages.

2. Remote Port Forwarding

Acts opposite as of the local port forwarding as it moves the congestion to the native computer server and is forwarded to the destination. Server-side of secure shell (SSH) connectivity is enabled as it also approaches services on SSH’s client-side. Overall, this has always been helpful in making the user reach the various of the server-side of the tunnel linking to the remote network service site.

3. Dynamic Port Forwarding:

This allows the involvement of various ports and a variety of TCP communication for different ports. It allows connecting the clients safely to the believable server which plays the role of an intermediate for sending/receiving data o multi -servers.

Best Port Forwarding Softwares

To ease the confusion about routers, its part, unavailability of different post forwarding issues or troubleshooting problems can be resolved by best port forwarding Softwares. Here, are listed some of them:

1. Simple Port Forwarding

Simple Port Forwarding was developed by PCWintech and is free software that is available for different window versions. It is lined basically for the handling of ports on the router. The windows access will easily open the ports rather than approaching the router’s web interface.

Presently, it is available in around fifty languages supporting more than 2500 routers. The latest versions of the software can be downloaded including the portable category of the program.

It can recognize IP address of the router, and if important it changes your network identity into a constant one. The DNS servers can also be changed by default. The essentiality to use this software require internet explorer 6 or of higher rank.

spf free port forwarding software

2.  PortMapper

Another free port forwarding software that redirects the ports to any IP address making your server a hub of ‘proxy’ ports. It is absolutely free of cost and works on any window version (up to Windows 7).

It works effortlessly, which allows you to point the port you require PortMapper to see, selection for choices of TCP or UDP is made (usually TCP), then the interface is chosen, hence the target is entered (an IP address or a URL).

A unique feature, it lets you obstruct access from a particular IP address which averts users for useful task.



In the case of Windows, the AUTAPF has always been the best free port forwarding software. In this both UDP and TCP ports are in agreement. We can manage the program by two ways, locally and remotely. Locally via the GUI and remotely via the Web browser. An eye is kept on network interfaces so that ports are accessible whenever required. Many ports can run together.

Real-time IP filtering is a feature supported in this, varied by external script while the program is still on. Also, static IP filters can be created in the program.

The software can be shielded in the system tray. If required, UDP data can be slashed into many addresses. Interfaces can be combined through the MAC address. There is an option for Installation, and pre-configuration of program can be done prior using a script. IPv6 is fully compatible. For extended performance, a 64-bit version is available.

AUTAPF port forwarding software

4. UPnP PortMapper

A mini best port forwarding software that detects and translates ports plotted differently in the routers. Also, it will help in providing a constant route in the NAT of the router. To access this software, you require the java routines (coding language database) on your PC. Then you can use it on various platforms including Windows, Linux.

Right clicking the mouse, you will have to click the dialog ‘open with’ or by simply open it using default with Java. With a plain interface, you can watch the ports detected, either manually or dynamically, a control panel to create port profiles that can be edited or deleted any time. Not every router is friendly, but made one by enabling their compatibility. The networks are figured out to find the path and begin its working. If the router is re-established, it will lose its UPnP configuration, if made.

Numerous ports can be configured till it succeeds to the same local IP as its destination, in single ports. Click on ‘use’, once all the appropriate changes are made and it is done.

port forwarding software

5. PFConfig

With increased use of computers and internet, router is no new term these days and is found in every house. Routers are common, but they pose a problem as they are not easy to configure. They can share internet but most of their ports are closed or mislead. For recovering from this we have to waste time on the web and end up ruining the router configuration.

PFConfig is a port forwarding software at your rescue. You wouldn’t face that problem as it doesn’t need router configuration to port forward. It makes opening port as easy as opening an app and informing it which port to use, hassle free experience as we don’t have to read router manuals or do any research for the same.

Now, its three steps away, download the app, install it and configure it. No need to log in to your router. The files can be directly downloaded by the ports of your choice.


Thus, these are the Best Port Forwarding Softwares available for us to descend the obstruction on your network thus easily forwarding ports on your router.

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