A lot of us use VLC media player to play video files on our desktops or laptops. It wouldn’t be wrong for me to say that it is one of the most popular applications used to play videos and films. VLC is, in general, a very efficient application and its users are quite happy with its performance, but there are times when this application also faces slight malfunctioning. In this article, we will help you solve a major problem related to the VLC – “VLC is unable to open MRL file” error.


This error is very persistent and VLC has not been able to fix it in the numerous updates and newer versions as well. “VLC is unable to open an MRL file” error happens when VLC tries to open a video or a movie that is not located on the local device, but somewhere different. Many times, VLC can’t locate the file for a specific reason and that is when the “VLC is unable to open the MRL file” error will be displayed on your screen. There can be numerous reasons for this error to occur, like a firewall roadblock of application error, or a fault in the host content as well. 

So, in this article, we will help you know the process of fixing the problem of “VLC is unable to open MRL file” error, in a step by step manner. We have actually followed these steps and got appropriate results, and hence, we are putting this down for you to use in case you are facing the same problem. 


Step 1: Check whether the source is working or not

The first step that you should follow is to check whether the source of the file you are trying to play is functioning or not. This problem takes place when you are trying to play URL- based videos or streaming movies through it. To check whether the source is working or not, go to file > click on network stream and copy the link of the URL that you are trying to use. 

Paste the URL that you have copied to a different video player or to your browser and check if it plays or not. If the video starts playing, your issue is solved. But in case it doesn’t play in other applications as well, the possibility is that your source is problematic and not your VLC media player. If the video functions properly in other applications, here is what you should do in the next step. 


Step 2: Uninstall Firewall or modify the settings

 If you find out that the reason of your “VLC is unable to open MRL file” error is not a bad or a problematic source, the next step to take is to change the firewall settings. A lot of times, firewalls that are overprotective, which are generally third party applications, block the path that is needed by VLC to play certain footage. The steps to rectify this problem vary with the type of firewall that you are using.

If AVG is the firewall that you use, you have to go to firewall > tools/firewall settings, and then click on applications. Once the application window opens, you can change the VLC media player action to “Allow for all”. In case you are using any other firewall, you can look for the steps to alter the actions and remove the blockage if any. A lot of people may find it troubling to find the relevant steps for their firewall. In this case, you can discard the firewall and take help of the built-in solution. 

Step 3: Discard the current VLC player and install the latest version

The VLC player not being able to open MRL files can also happen due to the outdated version of the application that is installed on your device. A lot of us have gotten rid of the problem by simply uninstalling the VLC media present in our devices, and installing the new and updated version of it. To discard the current VLC player on your device, press the Windows key + R. When a text box opens, type “appwz.cpl” and press Enter. This will open a Program window. Then, you have to find the VLC media player from the given list and select on the option of Uninstall/change.

You can get the link to download the latest version of VLC from the internet. Install the application on your device and mostly it will work fine. If the error still occurs, follow the further steps.

Step 4: Claim the files as yours

You might get the “VLC is unable to open MRL file” error when you try to play it from an external source or drives, or external disks. If you try to claim the files that you are playing as your own, you might be able to fix this issue easily. Here is how you can claim your files: right click on the error that is showing up and open properties. Go to the security button and click advanced under permissions. Choose the “change” button and enter “Administrator” in the box. Select “apply all” and your file ownership is changed.

The device will understand that you are the owner of this file and you might not face any further issues with the opening of MRL files on VLC media player.  


These were a few ways to fix your problem of “VLC unable to open MRL files” error. A lot of people have been facing this problem recently and hence, we decided to come up with a few solutions to help you with this issue. We hope one or a combination of a few of these will help your VLC media player to read and run the MRL files without any error. Lastly, we hope this article has been helpful to you in solving your VLC media player related issues.



Minecraft is a game that is very popular amidst the current generation. The game is about constructions you make on a large plot of land. It is a really interesting game and is played by a lot of young people. Recently, a common problem that a lot of players are facing in the game is that “Minecraft won’t launch on Windows 10”. A lot of you might be facing the same problem and in turn, not being able to play your favourite game. So in this article, we will guide you through a few methods that might resolve your problem of the Minecraft launch. 

Before we go forward with this list, remember that if you desktop or laptop or the device that you are using does not have a compatible and powerful software that is required for the game, your game might not run. So, check the Minecraft system requirements list, before you try any of the following methods.

Here are a few fixes for the Minecraft launching error on your device. You might not have to try all of them. One or two of them might work for you. You can read through all of them and see which hack suits you the best.

  1. End the Minecraft game

   Closing Minecraft from the launcher is not enough if the entire game hasn’t closed. Open the task manager and end the game manually. This reboots the game and you might be able to fix the issue of “Minecraft won’t launch on Windows 10”. While ending the launcher, a lot of you might find two launchers names as MinecraftLauncher.exe. End both the launchers and then reboot the game. We will show you how:

  1. Press the keys Ctrl + Shift + Esc. This will open the task manager on your device screen.
  2. Go to the Processes button. If you right click on the Minecraft option, you will find an “end task” option. Choose that.
  3. After you are done, open Minecraft again and see if the game works well.

You might either have a well running game, or the launcher will not respond. 

  1. Change the Ownership of the Game

The ownership of the game might also be another issue for the game to be acting like this. If it is accesses the full integrity, it will be better equipped to make use of all its features. One way for this to happen is to change and run Minecraft as the administrator of the game. This is how you can do it.

Step 1: Take your cursor on the Minecraft application and make a right-click. You will find an option of “Run as administrator”. Click on that option.

You can then launch the Minecraft game and see if it works properly or not. If it still doesn’t function properly, we have another fix coming up.

  1. Try the compatibility mode

A lot of games were created before the launch of the Windows 10 and almost all of them work fine in this version of the software, but then and now, a few might have launching problems or not run. If you try playing Minecraft in the Compatibility mode, it will try to use the configurations of an earlier version and launch the app. This may solve your problem of Minecraft not launching on Windows 10. Here is how you can do it.

  1. Go to your Minecraft game and make a right-click. When you get the option box, choose “Properties”.
  2. You will find the Compatibility tab. Select it and choose “Run this program in compatibility mode for”.
  3. Choose the operating system that you want the game to be compatible with.
  4. When you are done, click apply and then okay.

Once this is done, launch Minecraft and see if it works fine. The possibility is that you will have an error-free game.  

  1. Removal of Mods

Players who play Minecraft use mods most of the time when playing the game. Mods are responsible for alteration of the behaviour of the game while you play it. So, while playing the game, if you are using mods, uninstall each one of them. After you are done removing all the mods try launching the game again.

If the game functions properly, the mods were the issue. If the game is still not being able to launch itself, do not worry, we have more fixes to help you.

  1. Update the Video Card Driver

Many a times, the video card driver causes the problems of the Minecraft not launching on Windows 10. You might be using a wrong video card driver or an outdated video card driver and thus, this problem may occur. Updating or changing your video card driver can solve this problem, and above that, it can also improve the overall performance of your device. You can choose between two options to update your video card driver.

First, you can use the manual way to update the driver. This requires a little bit of expertise because you will have to go online, find the appropriate driver and then install it in a patient manner.


Second, you can go for the automatic update. You just have to download Driver Easy and the rest of the process is extremely easy. 

  1. Install Minecraft Again

The last fix, if any of the above doesn’t work, is to uninstall Minecraft and install it again. This is a common fix that people have used to resolve the problem of “Minecraft won’t launch in Windows 10”. Once you have reinstalled it, you can launch the game to see if it works well.


These were a few fixes for your Minecraft game not running in Windows 10. We hope one or more will come handy in solving your problems. You can find more fixes online in case these don’t help. We have tried these fixes ourselves, and hence, we are confident that these will help you too.

Error Guide Fix


FFXIV stands for Final Fantasy XIV and it is an award-winning online game set. While this game is very popular among the youth, the gamers also face a lot of issues while playing this game. This game is a multiplayer game and requires an internet connection to play. But a lot of players face an issue of the game’s lobby server error 2002. When this error occurs, this is what is displayed on the screen:

“A lobby server connection has encountered an error.”

Due to this, the gamers can’t log in to the game and play the game. Because this is a multiplayer game, if you can connect to the server, it will hamper the entire gaming experience for you and your fellow players. Therefore, in this article, we will introduce you to a few ways that help you with how to fix FFXIV lobby server error 2002. This will help you to have a better and non-restricted experience of this very popular online game. So, let’s see how we can easily fix the FFXIV server error 2002:


  1. Try Restarting the Router

The Final Fantasy XIV is an online game and one of the main reasons why there is a server error might be your internet connection itself. Therefore, the first thing you should do is restart or reset your router. Switch off the router properly and unplug it. Wait for a few minutes and then plug the wire again. Now try switching on the router again and see if the server error disappears.

  1. Connect FFXIV to the Firewall

Firewalls tend to block the route that is requires by the network to connect to the server and start the game. Therefore, you should check if the FFXIV is connected to the firewall in your device or not. Here is how you can check it.

  1. If you want to make sure that your FFXIV is allowed through your firewall, press the Windows + S key together.
  2. A search box will appear on your screen. You need to entre “Firewall” there.
  3. When the search results appear, click on the windows defender firewall.
  4. A control panel will open. Select “Allow an app or feature through the firewall” in order to open another window.
  5. To adjust the options, select the Change settings.
  6. Select FFXIV from “allow another app” in case it is not listed there already. 
  7. Add it to both the private and public firewall, and select the OK button.

This process might help you to get rid of the “how to fix FFXIV server lobby error 2002” problem.

Final Fantasy lobby server error 2002
  1. Switch off the Firewall

In case the firewall is blocking the path of FFXIV, you can also try turning off the firewall to make sure that is doesn’t restrict the game. The procedure of turning off the firewall is as follows:

  1. Firstly, you have to open the WDF control panel as mentioned in the second resolution.
  2. If you check towards your left, you will find the option of turning the windows firewall on or off.
  3. When you have found that option, click on the “turn off windows defender firewall” tab to turn the firewall off.
  4. Click on the OK button and the firewall window will close.

You can now try playing the game with the firewall switched off and see if the problem still persists. If no, you can enjoy your game, and if yes, we have more fixes for you.

  1. Remove all third party firewalls

If you suspect a third party firewall to be blocking the path of FFXIV on your device, make sure that you remove all such firewalls from your computers and laptops or any other devices. Here is how you can do it.

  1. Press the Windows + R key together on your keyboard to Launch Run.
  2. Enter appwiz.cpl in the run box and click the OK button. The Windows uninstaller will open on your screen.
  3. Select the third party firewall that you are using from the options.
  4. Select the uninstall button and select yes to uninstall the application. 
  5. Once you have uninstalled the firewall application, restart your computer once.

You can also try to disable such applications before uninstalling them. This can open the blockage that is restricting your game to run properly. If this doesn’t work for your device, try the next fixes.

Lobby server error 2002
  1. Remove the WTFast software

WTFast software can be another reason why your FFXIV game is not working on your device. Open the programs options and look for WTFast software. Right click on it and select uninstall. Press the yes button to confirm. This will uninstall the software and you can restart your laptop or desktop and run the FFXIV.

  1. Use an Ethernet cable to connect to Internet

This fix has been helpful for a lot of people. They tried connecting to the server using an Ethernet cable. Connect the router and your PC by an Ethernet cable and then try opening the FFXIV game. A lot of players have found this hack to be very helpful when they faced a server error for the Final Fantasy XIV.


Our list of fixes for the server error issue ends here. These were a few fixes that have proved to help users to fix the issue of “how to fix FFXIV lobby server 2002”. One or more of these will surely help you to remove the error. If none of the above-mentioned fixes work for your device, you can look for other fixes online as well. The hacks that we listed down are tried and tested by us and we are confident that these will be of help to you. Also, remember that the error 2002 can frequently occur due to the sole reason of server maintenance. Therefore, do not forget to check for the same at the FFXIV forum. We hope that you have a smooth and error-free Final Fantasy FFXIV gaming experience with your fellow players.


How To Unblur an Image or a Photo

Unless you are an expert photographic artist, there are ordinary times when an incredible picture is demolished in light of the fact that it’s hazy or blurry! Regardless of whether this is on the grounds that something was moving truly quick or in light of camera shaking, a blurred picture is entirely pointless. However, there are times when you catch a moment on camera that you know will never be repeated – like your picture with a lion, or your baby standing up for the first time, or a bird of rare species sitting by idly when you snap. Such moments cannot be recreated and thus a blurry picture results in loss of the picture as well as potential memories for you. However, don’t worry, there’re some apps and tools available to fix these blurry images.

You can use Adobe Photoshop methods or use third party free applications. Be warned, however, that all free apps come only with an inbuilt single-sharpener meaning you will not be able to enhance the sharpness of the photo by a huge margin. Regardless of methods, you may use, it is simply not possible to sharpen an image to more than 90%, and that 90% too considering the picture is minimally blurred. The more the blurriness of the picture, the more there will be degradation of quality in unblurring the image. Having said all this, it is completely possible to unblur an image and obtain visible clarity, so if that is what you’re looking for, go ahead and try out the methods listed below.

Photoshop Method 1 – Using an Extra Layer

 To start with, open the picture in Photoshop and press CTRL + J to copy the background layer. Make a point to tap on Layer 1 in the Layers board. Next, go to Filter, at that point Other, and pick High Pass.

The higher the worth you set it to, the more honed your picture will turn into. Be that as it may, in the event that you set it truly elevated, the picture will get grainy. The suggested is 10 pixels

Try not to stress if your picture appears as though dull charcoal has been tossed on top of it, we haven’t completed at this point! With the new layer despite everything chose, set the mixing mode to Hard Light and modify the Opacity to whatever you think makes the picture look best. It’s set to 100% naturally, yet you may show signs of improvement results at half or something different, so simply mess with that figure. 

That is it! Your picture should now be a lot keener and sharper looking! Sadly, if your picture is hazy or the haziness is brought about by truly quick movement, you presumably won’t perceive any significant distinction.

Photoshop Method 2 – Shake Reduction Filter

The above technique was a basic method to hone a photograph in Photoshop. The propelled strategy is to utilize the new Shake Reduction Filter. To begin utilizing this channel, feel free to tap on Filter, at that point Sharpen and afterward Shake Reduction.

 A window will spring up with the picture on the left with a couple of choices on the right. Photoshop will consequently attempt to make sense of which some portion of the picture to take a gander at so as to address the haze. You’ll consider this to be on the picture as spotted lines. This is known as a haze follow and there is just one as a matter of course.

The blur trace ought to in a perfect world be a piece of the picture that has the most edge differentiate. In this way, on the off chance that one piece of the picture is splendid and another part is dull, the haze follow ought to incorporate the edge. You can alter the crate by hauling the corners and changing the size. You can likewise tap on the hover in the center to move it around. On the off chance that your picture is extremely huge, you can likewise make various haze follows for the situation the obscuring impact is diverse in various pieces of the picture. To make another haze follow, simply snap and drag to begin drawing another case. 


  • Results are acceptable 
  • Photoshop CC is a photograph supervisor so it has more highlights like trimming, veiling, foundation expulsion, etc 


  • Extravagant, even the membership model is very expensive which I have referenced in the next line 
  • The least expensive membership plan which has PhotoshopCC for people is Photography plan which is $119.88 every year and single App for people which is $239.88 every year

Using – GIMP

This application is absolutely free so in case you feel the picture unblur does not deserve the kind of cash Photoshop or some other software/applications ask for, you can go for GIMP.

  1. Launch GIMP and open the picture you need to unblur. 
  2. Choose Blur or Sharpen from the Toolbox. 
  3. Drag the pointer over the picture to hone it. Else, select a bit to hone only the particular parts alone.


Using –

  1. Launch Paint.Net on your gadget from the outset. 
  2. Select Browse/Add Image catch to open the photograph. 
  3. Choose Effects alternative > Picture and Sharpen under Effects tab 
  4. Launch Paint.Net on your gadget from the outset. 
  5. Select Browse/Add Image catch to open the photograph. 
  6. Choose Effects alternative > Picture and Sharpen under Effects tab

Download –

Using – Snapseed

  1. Launch Snapseed on your gadget. 
  2. Upload an obscured picture into it. 
  3. Select the Details alternative. 
  4. Tap on Sharpener and afterward select Structure. 
  5. Finally, click on the Unblur picture.

Download Snapseed for Android & iOS

Using – Movavi Photo Editor

  • Open Movavi Photo Editor on your gadget. 
  • Click on Browse for Images catch to include an obscured picture. 
  • Open the Adjust tab and move the Sharpness slider till you discover the picture is sharp. 
  • Then, drag the Details slider to change the surfaces. 
  • Click on Save to unblur the picture.


  • Simple to utilize, it has a few different choices too like editing 
  • Cost is low as least expensive rendition is $17.72 
  • The preliminary variant has an imprint at the correct base which you can without much of a stretch harvest the picture and the image will be evacuated however picture size will be diminished 


  • Preliminary rendition has just 10 photographs for handling 
  • Results are not excessively acceptable so unblur image isn’t viable when contrasted with higher positioned programming projects above, even on medium obscured pictures it didn’t expel obscure 
  • Has part of commotion in an unblurred picture as should be obvious above


Using – Smart Deblur

  1. Load a picture, Make Sure Defect Type is Auto-Defect Blur (this is the best alternative to choose to recognize any sort of a haze) 
  2. Click Analyze Blur, Check forceful discovery include on the off chance that you need to however forceful location didn’t push a lot to me (now and again forceful harms the picture totally so better to kill this component)


  • Works superbly, results are acceptable, I enjoyed the outcomes as this product gave the best outcomes as should be obvious from above 
  • For enormous haze photographs likewise, it was the best one accessible, despite the fact that it didn’t fix huge haze to the degree I was expecting yet it improved employment than most virtual products 
  • Simple to Use 


  • Costly: Cost of Home rendition is $49 and Pro Version $98. 
  • On the off chance that we use preliminary mode, at that point watermarks will be available on the yield unblurred picture, to maintain a strategic distance from watermarks we need to purchase the product. 
  • It unblurs picture but the blurring by the boundaries is still prevalent

Download – Smart Deblur

That concludes the various options to unblur an image. We reiterate, though, that these apps will not be able to provide you with 100% efficiency like you see in the movies. Those Forensic and Tech Experts use technology and methods that are more often than not a figment of the writer’s imagination. Even they use real tools and methods, the success ratio and the results are often exaggerated in these situations. We hope the methods we have listed will be of use to you.


How to Fix Can’t Hear People on Discord?

When playing computer games on PC, players frequently need to take care of two issues: Conversing with one another, and sorting out individuals sufficiently long to really get a game moving. Discord is the most recent in a long queue of applications that take care of that issue. It is basically a free platform that combines the agreeable chat UI found in applications like Slack with video and voice talk, a la Skype, and has immediately gotten quite popular, revealing 250 million clients, with 14 million individuals signing on consistently. 

However, as is with all chat and call applications, the Discord app doesn’t come without issues. The most prominent of them is the ‘Can’t hear people on Discord’ issue. There is more than one way to fix this issue, and we are here to tell you what these ways are. So, if you regularly face can’t hear people on Discord issue, then go ahead and read on to see how you can fix the problem once and for all.

One of the primary reasons why you can’t hear anybody on Discord is the unseemly sound settings on your Audio Device. Also, as a result of certain Discord updates and bugs, can’t hear people on Discord will be seen regularly.

Method 1: Default Communication Device 

How about we get directly into how to do this: 

  1. Right-click the sound tab in the base right-hand corner of Windows, and select “Open Sound Settings” 
  2. In Sound alternatives, look down to “Related Settings” and select the “Sound Control Panel” tab 

    Control board settings
  3. Discover your sound gadget in the rundown, right-click the tab, and select “Set as default specialized gadget” 

    Set as a default communication gadget 
  4. Once chosen “set as default specialized gadget”, click apply and OK. 
  5. Restart Discord, and check whether the issue has been settled 

Here’s the way it’s finished: 

  1. Open Discord 
  2. Select the “Client Settings” tab; it’s the little rigging symbol underneath the server channels. 

Method 2: Legacy Audio Subsystem 

Conflict client settings 

  1. Select the “Voice and Video” tab.
  2. Inside the Voice and Video tab, look down and discover the “Audio Subsystem” area. You should see a drop-down menu, inside that menu you will see the “Legacy” alternative, select it. 

    Friction Legacy alternative 
  3. When you have chosen the “Legacy” choice, you will be incited with a message which looks a touch of something like this. 

    ‘Discord subsystem’ 
  4. At last, select OK, and let Discord restart. 

This strategy has been utilized by numerous and has unraveled the issue, ideally, it works for you. In any case, on the off chance that it doesn’t, we have a couple of more repairs our sleeve that may work. 

Probably the simplest advance you can take in fixing your sound yield issue is by ensuring your sound gadget is set to your essential info and yield gadget. This is done in Windows and not in Discord, so here and there it tends to be disregarded. This can be an issue in case you’re continually changing among earphones and speakers. 

Here’s how to ensure they’re effectively set. 

  1. Right-click the sound tab in the base right-hand corner of the screen. 
  2. Select the “Open Sound Settings” choice 

    Windows sound settings 
  3. Once inside this tab, you should see a drop-down menu under the title “Pick Your Output Device” 
  4. Select the drop-down menu and ensure the earphones you are utilizing are chosen as essential 

Method 3: Setting Input/output Device 

Discord Primary Input Output

  1. Follow a similar procedure for “Information” gadget 
  2. When both of these are accurately set, restart Discord and ideally, this ought to take care of your concern. 

Method 4: Keep Discord Up -To-Date 

You can do this by just restarting the product or pushing the CTRL + R to update Discord. That’s all about the fix of the usually recurring issue of face can’t hear people on Discord. We hope your issue is resolved after trying either of these methods.

Error Guide

How to fix Roblox Code 267 Error

Roblox game

Roblox error code 267 – if you are a die-hard online gaming fan, then you must have seen this message for God knows how many times. But before discussing this term in detail, let’s talk about Roblox and the world of Roblox.

Roblox is a very familiar name for online gamers, for it is one of the most creative and innovative firms actively working in the sector of online gaming. Due to the outbreak of coronavirus, the social media and online gaming sector has seen a sharp increase in its user, and it is working effortlessly to provide its users with the best connecting and gaming services. And Roblox is a firm which was established in the year 2006, but has risen to become one of the leading parties in the world of online gaming, with its constant efforts.

Roblox is an online gaming platform that allows its users to create and play their own online games. It includes both single-player and multiplayer gaming. It is a system that provides the gamers with the facility of designing a number of games from all types of traditional as well as modern genres, and to play them with other players. A player is able to play his own game as well as that of others, through the platform of Roblox. Thus, Roblox acts as a host of innumerable creative and exciting games.

As of 2019, Roblox has more than 100 million monthly users who enjoy multiplayer gaming as well as single-player gaming. Some of the famous games available on Roblox include Jailbox, Murder Mystery 2, and many others. We just love everything about Roblox except one: Roblox error code 267! So, what is error 267 Roblox? Why does it happen? And you are just kicked out of the game, all of a sudden? This irritating error is one of the most common errors faced by a majority of users. And people keep enquiring about the reason behind Roblox error code 267, and how to fix it. Though everyone panics over this error like crazy, gaming experts say that it’s not a big deal, there’s no any kind of rocket science behind it, and it can be easily fixed.

DISCONNECTED: You were kicked from this game [Error Code 267]

Nothing is as irritating as these words, if you are playing on roblox platform. Roblox error code 267 is one of the most frequently faced errors in roblox gaming platform. Error 267 roblox takes place when a gamer is kicked out of his game because of an admin command script. But according to a number of surveys done by gaming experts, there can be several reasons behind error 267 roblox, depending upon the player and the medium through which he is playing. But the 3 major reasons for roblox error code 267 are – windows firewall problem, slow internet connection, and empty gaming data.

When the game suspects any undesirable, suspicious or harmful activity from the user’s account, which may lead to unethical cyber practices in gaming, such as hacking, it displays roblox error code 267. But there are again two types of issues faced in it: either the player is banned by the server, or it becomes a self-moderate error. However, one must understand that they cannot hold the game responsible for this error – it’s the game developers who had inserted an illegal script in the game that leads to the error 267 roblox. The main reasons behind roblox error code 267 are:

1. Windows Firewall Problem

A low-quality bandwidth connection or internet connectivity problems can result in Windows Firewall not operating well. Here, it does not matter whether you are working with Windows 2007 or Windows 2010. Thus, if your Windows Firewall is going through such issues, it can lead to error 267 roblox.

2. Antivirus Problem

Not all antivirus programs are troublesome to the roblox gaming platform, but some Avast Antivirus users have found trouble while using roblox gaming. The problematic outcomes from Avast antivirus can eventually result in error 267 roblox.

3. Poor internet connection

Well, this happens to be the major reason behind any online activities – poor internet connection? Can’t go ahead. Roblox is a huge game that will require a very good and strong internet connection to operate smoothly. And if your internet connection is not good enough to handle the game, then roblox error code 267 will be displayed on your screen, and your game will crash.

4. Empty Roblox gaming data

Finally, an empty roblox gaming data is also one of the major reasons behind roblox error code 267. If your game account does not have any data in it, then it will take time for loading the game. This can either be a user’s mistake or a game developer’s mistake too.

Now, how to fix the roblox error code 267 – as said earlier, there’s no rocket science in fixing the error 267 roblox, and you can fix it using some easy solutions. 

We are providing some possible solutions here:

  1. Reset internet browser settings

First steps first. This is one of the simplest ways of dealing with error 267 roblox. Many users have said that resetting the internet browser settings has helped them in fixing error 267. The steps to be followed are:

  • Open the default browser
  • Select internet options.
  • Click on the advance options.
  • Select the rest option snd close the browser

Try launching the game again after resetting the internet browser settings. This will help in solving this issue

2. Use Google Chrome as default browser

A majority of users face the reblox error 267 because they don’t use authentic and up-to-date browser for gaming. They operate their reblox games through an outdated browser, thus a number of errors are faced by them. In order to avoid this, it is always preferable that one must use google chrome as their default browser for any gaming-related activity. It is one of the most updated and authentic, trusted browsers in the world, and will not cause any connectivity issue or errors.

3. Checking the internet connection

Error 267 roblox takes place when a user is disconnected from his game – it is mentioned in the description of the error as well. So, another simple way to fix this problem could be checking your internet connection. If you don’t have a good internet connection, then you may try to refresh and restart it, and re-launch the game as well. Checking if the wires and cables are properly connected or not is suggested. If the problem continues, then you may need to try some other option.

4. Verification of the browser’s security settings

Some internet browsers have quite strict security settings. Though it is necessary to protect your browser from malware and viruses, it is also necessary to check whether your browser is permitting the roblox to function well or not. Make sure that your browser’s security settings allow roblox to launch and operate properly – it will help you to fix roblox error code 267.

5. Disable ad-blockers

The ad-blockers are those annoying creatures that will prevent your game from loading properly and can lead to error 267 roblox. So it is always suggested that you must disable the ad-blockers before launching your game in roblox. Using the google chrome extension to remove the ad-blockers is a preferable way to do this.

6. Roblox error code 267 bypass

Finally, if the error 267 Roblox still occurs, even after trying all the above-mentioned steps, then you may have t try this as the last resort –you can go for Roblox error code 267 bypass. Roblox keeps working on fixing the various issues in games, in their updated versions. It takes some time, but you may find your issue solved in the updated version of your game. For this, you may uninstall it first and then install it again. This time, look for a supported browser and a strong VPN to ease the process. Thus, these are some ways through which you can work on solving the problem of Roblox error code 267. We can conclude that it is a common error faced by almost a majority of Roblox users, so there’s nothing to worry about. At least one of the above-mentioned solutions will surely help to overcome this and enjoy the best gaming experience on Roblox. So just relax and Roblox, folks!

Error Guide

How to Fix Destiny 2 Error Code LETTUCE

Destiny 2, the latest virtual experience game to blow our minds, has led to its gamer-base facing the error code ‘LETTUCE’ from time-to-time. So, here’s a guide to help you fix the Destiny 2 Error Code ‘LETTUCE’, as well as to know all about the new variant of the famous Destiny franchise, Destiny 2. 

Fixing Destiny 2 Error Code ‘LETTUCE’

A number of fixes are available for error code ‘LETTUCE’ in the hit game Destiny 2. Some of these are listed below:

  1. Shift to wired Internet connection if you are using WiFI 

Most games which are heavy-duty in nature, such as Destiny 2 or Call of Duty, must be played using a wired connection. It has been observed in most cases of gaming error that error code ‘LETTUCE’ or ‘WEASEL’ occur due to an interruption in the WiFi connection; once you switch to a wired one, this problem will most probably disappear. 

  1. Force restart Steam (for PC users) 

To force restart Steam, open Task Manager > Select Steam > click on End Task. Now restart Steam and check whether error code ‘LETTUCE’ continues to appear. 

  1. Clear the cache (for Xbox users) 

This option works best for those who play Destiny 2 on their Xbox; it not only effectively fixes this particular error code, but also any other issue that you might be facing with the game! However, keep in mind that you’ve synced the game online, since clearing the cache will delete the game from the local Xbox Memory.

Clearing the cache can be achieved on your Xbox to fix error code ‘LETTUCE’  in two ways: 

  • Manual Reset 

          This can be done by switching off the Xbox through the power button and then detaching the power cord from the Xbox. The cache will be clear and the device’s memory will be formatted. 

Turn on the device again. You will no longer face the error code ‘LETTUCE’. 

  • Navigating cache through settings 

Go to Xbox Settings > Network > Advanced Settings > Alternate MAC address> clear 

After following these steps, check if you still experience the error code ‘LETTUCE’. 

  1. Hard Reset (for PlayStation users) 

Unlike the Xbox, you cannot clear the cache in PlayStation. However, you can simply switch it off and disconnect the power cord; after letting it be for a while, connect the power cord again and check if you’re still witnessing the same error code. 

  1. Check with your ISP 

If your internet connection is working fine, check with your Internet Service Provider; it often occurs that something is faulty on the ISP’s behalf. To ensure that everything is okay, they can either check the internet speed or lower the ping to make sure that the error code disappears.

  1. Replace the network hardware 

Error code ‘LETTUCE’  has been found to occur most probably due to a defective/leaking cable, which leads it to getting disconnected within a fraction of a second and at the same time causes a packet lapse and eventually brings on the error code. If you haven’t gotten your internet equipment changed in a long while, it might be the right time to do so; to be on the safer side, keep a set of spare equipment as well. 

About Destiny 2 

Destiny 2, an insight into the mysterious solar system, allows players a wonderful virtual gaming experience. One gets to avail first-person shooter combat and unleash elemental powers against their ruthless enemies. 

Destiny 2 lets you take up the role of a ‘Guardian’, who explores the vast solar system to defend it from dark, mystical powers. You can choose from these three types of Guardians: 

  1. Titan- Proud warriors who are skilled in both attack and defence, Titans are disciplined individuals. At the same time, they do not shy away from showing aggression! 
  2. Warlock- A weapon-lover, becoming a Warlock means that one is responsible for defeating your dangerous enemies and simultaneously ensuring that you survive. 
  3. Hunter- Hunters are daring beings; quick in their approach, enemies do not have a chance of escaping unscathed! 

As a Guardian, you’re at full disclosure to choose the weapons, looks and clothing of your choice for your particular character. 

Against the cinematic background provided by Destiny 2, one can enjoy the gameplay in three modes- as a Lone Wolf, you can play by yourself and embark on the quest to explore the solar system. ‘With A Fireteam of Friends’, you can compete or cooperate with your friends to solve problems and win conquests together. The third mode i.e. Activity Matchmaking allows you to connect with Guardians from anywhere around the globe; you can either compete or cooperate with them! 

Even within these two modes, you can either choose to compete or cooperate; the former i.e. Coordinated Gameplay comprises of two modes- Strikes and Raids, while the latter comprises of two modes- Crucible and Gambit. Within these sub-modes, you can either choose to play as a solo player, teams of two, three or four- whatever suits you! 

Destiny 2 holds up its promise to provide the best gameplay experience you could ask for; the variety of options provided by this video game lets you choose between playing all alone or with others. If you’re looking to increase competition, you can even communicate with unknown Guardians! Be it customizing your look or exploring the universe, you get to go on a splendid journey with the game’s spectacular graphics. As for the error code ‘LETTUCE’, all your options to fix it have been provided above. Happy Gaming!

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How to Fix Destiny 2 Error Code Centipede

Destiny 2 is one of the latest video-games to hit the block. However, Destiny 2’s ‘Centipede’ error code has been experienced by numerous players, taking a hit at the number of people who can smoothly enjoy the game. Here’s all you need to know about how to fix Destiny 2’ error code ‘Centipede’. 

Destiny 2 Centipede Error Code

CENTIPEDE is a general networking code that is sometimes witnessed by Destiny players. It generally occurs when the network with one of the servers is obstructed. 

This can be fixed in one of two ways: 

  1. If you are using WiFi, it is recommended to switch to Mobile Data or a wired connection. 

Most games that are heavy-duty in nature, such as Destiny 2 or Call of Duty, must be played using a wired connection. It has been observed in most cases of gaming error that error code CENTIPEDE’ or ‘WEASEL’ occurs due to an interruption in the WiFi connection; once you switch to a wired one, this problem will most probably disappear. 

  1. If your NAT is Strict or Type 3, getting your NAT into an Open or Type 1 is suggested. 

Note: If you are using a university/corporate network, or your ISP limits the kind of traffic you can experience, your NAT problem cannot be configured on your own and you may need your network administrator or ISP to help in solving this issue. 

About Destiny 2 

Destiny 2 provides an opportunity for the player to experience responsive first-person shooter combat. Set against the backdrop of our very own solar system, the player gets a chance to unleash rudimentary abilities against their powerful and dangerous enemies. 

Destiny 2 has a cinematic story, within which your character or ‘Guardian’ can be customized with the looks, clothing, and weapons of your choice. The game can either be played alone or with friends or other ‘Guardians’ online. 

Being a ‘Guardian’, the player gets to defend the solar system against all the darkness which haunts it. To do this, you can choose from one of three character options- 

  1. Titan- they are infamous for being disciplined as well as aggressive. Titans are proud individuals who can carry out both assault and defense in a refined manner.
  2. Warlock- Warlocks tend to weaponize the universe’s mystery in order to defeat their enemies as well as ensure their own survival in the solar system. 
  3. Hunter- Hunters are known to be quick and agile; daring in nature, they are known for not leaving behind or forgiving any of their enemies. 

If you’re getting destiny 2 anteater error, then you can also check our guide to fix that error.

The Destiny 2 Coordinated Gameplay can be enjoyed in two distinct modes- Strikes and Raids. While the former involves three-player missions or challenges with unique encounters and battles, the latter is Destiny’s toughest cooperative activity, offering rare rewards for those players who dare to win and are coordinated in their gaming.

On the other hand, the Competitive Gameplay can also be enjoyed in two modes- Crucible and Gambit. In Crucible, the player gets a chance to play either solo or as part of a team, and test their skills. In Gambit i.e. a hybrid of Coordinated Gameplay and Competitive Gameplay, two teams of four compete in a unique set-up of the best Destiny 2 Gameplay experiences. 

Last but not the least, Destiny 2 lets you play your way; as a Lone Wolf, you can explore Destiny 2’s rich cinematic story through unique missions and quests. One also has the option to play ‘With A Fireteam of Friends’, either by taking up a cooperative activity together or competing against each other. The third option involves Activity Matchmaking, within which Guardians get to play with other Guardians from all over the world. Even in the last mode, you get to choose between cooperative and competitive activities. 

Destiny 2 provides a virtual experience like no other. Destiny 2’s CENTIPEDE error code might pose to be a problem periodically, but it can be fixed using the guide given above. So, tune into Destiny 2, formulate your very own Guardian, and solve all the tough problems facing the universe!

Error Guide

How to Fix Destiny 2 Error Code ANTEATER

The hit free-to-play video game, Destiny 2, has witnessed the error code ‘ANTEATER’. Just like most other error codes experienced by players in this game, Destiny 2’s ‘ANTEATER’ code has also arisen because of a faulty connection between the server and the host. Here’s all you need to know about ‘ANTEATER’, Destiny 2 and more. 

How to Fix Error Code ‘ANTEATER’

The following steps are likely to help you fix the error code ‘ANTEATER’: 

  1. Quit using the WiFi or Hotspot Connection, and switch to a wired connection 

Most games that are heavy-duty in nature, such as Destiny 2 or Call of Duty, must be played using a wired connection. It has been observed in most cases of gaming error that error code ‘ANTEATER’ or ‘WEASEL’ occurs due to an interruption in the WiFi connection; once you switch to a wired one, this problem will most probably disappear. 

  1. Clear the cache, either through manual reset or through settings. 

This option works best for those who play Destiny 2 on their Xbox; it not only effectively fixes this particular error code, but also any other issue that you might be facing with the game! However, keep in mind that you’ve synced the game online, since clearing the cache will delete the game from the local Xbox Memory.

Clearing the cache can be achieved on your Xbox to fix error code ‘ANTEATER’ in two ways: 

  1. Manual Reset 

          This can be done by switching off the Xbox through the power button and then detaching the power cord from the Xbox. The cache will be clear and the device’s memory will be formatted. 

Turn on the device again. You will no longer face the error code ‘ANTEATER’. 

  1. Navigating cache through settings 

Go to Xbox Settings > Network > Advanced Settings > Alternate MAC address> clear 

After following these steps, check if you still experience the error code ‘ANTEATER’. 

  1. Hard Reset (in case of Playstation) 

Unlike the Xbox, you cannot clear the cache in PlayStation. However, you can simply switch it off and disconnect the power cord; after letting it be for a while, connect the power cord again and check if you’re still witnessing the same error code. 

  1. Contact your Internet Service Provider 

If your internet connection is working fine, check with your Internet Service Provider; it often occurs that something is faulty on the ISP’s behalf. To ensure that everything is okay, they can either check the internet speed or lower the ping to make sure that the error code disappears.

  1. Replace your internet cables and equipment 

Error code ‘ANTEATER’ has been found to occur most probably due to a defective/leaking cable, which leads it to getting disconnected within a fraction of a second and at the same time causes a packet lapse and eventually brings on the error code. If you haven’t gotten your internet equipment changed in a long while, it might be the right time to do so; to be on the safer side, keep a set of spare equipment as well. 

  1. Check your browser’s Firewall 

To ensure that your browser’s firewall is not interfering with your gaming experience, you can either try adding Destiny 2 to your list of Windows Exceptions, or simply disable the firewall while playing Destiny 2 on your PC. In case the problem still does not get fixed, it is possible that certain files or drives have not been completely installed; reinstallation is sure to fix this issue. Software like Reimage Repair Tool might also help with this. 

About Destiny 2 

As a Destiny Guardian, you get to roam through the entire solar system and slash all the enemies who come in your way of saving the universe from doom and darkness. Using the responsive first-person shooter combat, you can defeat all the dangerous enemies with your skills and power. 

Every player can choose to be one of three types of Guardians- these include Titans, Warlocks and Hunters. While all three are equally powerful and skilled, you can make a decision based on your own personality or the one you feel suits you best in defeating those who come in your way. For aggression, Titans stand first. On the other hand, if you want your Guardian to be a weapon-master, choosing a Warlock is bound to work out best. Last but not the least, becoming a Hunter will let you transform into an agile, ruthless character. 

As far as the appearance of your Guardian is concerned, Destiny 2 lets you customize your Guardian to whatever extent you like. You can choose from an array of weapons, clothing and diverse looks. 

Destiny 2 can be enjoyed in whichever way you like; be it on your own, with your own friends or with Guardians from all over the world. It also provides you a fun way to interact with people all over the world. These three modes, in Destiny lingo, are known as ‘Lone Wolf Mode’, ‘With A Fireteam of Friends Mode’ and ‘Activity Matchmaking Mode’ respectively. After choosing this mode, you can either become part of two-person, three-person or four-person squads and play in coordination or competition with your fellow mates. These modes, on the other hand, are called Strikes, Raids, Crucible and Gambit respectively. 

Out of all these modes, ‘Gambit’ which is a hybrid of Coordinated and Competitive Gameplay, provides one of the best gaming experiences possible. 

Destiny 2 lets you embark on your space journey with its spectacular graphics. You can customize your look and go on various missions to defeat those trying to defeat the enemies of the universe to stop them from bringing dark, mystical energy into the world. Even if you experience the error code ‘ANTEATER’, our quick guide will help you fix it and enjoy this virtual experience to the fullest. May the force be with you!