Hannah McDougall talks with some fresh talent to be seen in the Live Music Series in The Performance Arcade 2013.

Porcelaintoy is a richly evocative and innovative musical collaboration between Elizabeth De la Rey (vocals/guitar/piano) and Emile De la Rey (electronics). Their song-driven sound assimilates aspects of a number of eclectic musical traditions, ranging from industrial pop to trip-hop to neo-classical romanticism to echoes of guitar driven art-punk and cinematic soundscapes.

How would you describe yourself?

Passionate and eccentric. Our music is a combination of electronica & live instruments weaving around Elizabeth’s songs.  Our style is influenced by all the music that’s ever moved us, so there are elements of EDM, glitch, trip hop, industrial & orchestral.  There is a grooviness to it that you can’t quite call dance music, and we love big warm basslines and intricate rhythmic details.  Its the kind of music that’s amazing to listen to through headphones late at night, and that’s been challenging to bring to the stage sometimes because suddenly you’re not writing and performing for the lonesome hedonistic listener.  Elizabeth loves singing to the crowds though & could happily improvise a whole set bouncing off that energy.

What are you listening to at the moment?

Elizabeth: Austra & Saint Lou Lou 

Emile:  Liszt

What is the last visual art exhibition you went to?

Elizabeth:  I adored the avant-garde & the open section at the World of Wearable Arts 2012.  The whole show was pretty superb, beautiful & inspiring.  I also keep my eye on Matchbox Gallery & Thistle Hall to see what exhibitions are coming up.

Emile:  We had a sneak peak at our friend Bruce Campbell’s miniature bronze sculpture collection that he’s planning to exhibit in New York.  It really made me want to try bronze casting – I found the process intriguing.

What are you looking forward to about performing in the Arcade?

The stage is pretty unique and we love the concept.  For our set we’re looking forward to seeing how Naomi Lamb’s (aka Wanderer Productions) visuals light up the space.  We’ll be performing some new material & experimenting a little.

We’re working on an album at the moment called Freedom of the Underground and will be performing some new tracks from that.  Elizabeth has been writing songs for the album over the last year and its all just starting to come together now on the production side of things.  So hopefully we’ll be putting out a single for that soon.

Nice line-up of artists this year as well, its actually a really good sampler of the local music scene for anyone that’s curious.

Porcelaintoy will be performing Thursday 14th February at 7:30pm to kick off  The Performance Arcade music programme on Wellington’s waterfront.


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