PageImage-512121-3638601-VanityHannah McDougall talks with girl-in-the-know, Music Programmer Anna Edgington, about her involvement in the Performance Arcade 2013.

What is your role in the Arcade?
I am the music programmer. It involves finding bands who would be interested in what the Arcade stands for, and who are sonically wonderful, interesting and innovative. I’m liaising with the bands and coming up with a nice line up of great people who will enhance the already great experience of the Arcade.

Is it your first time working on the Performance Arcade?
Yes. Last year I performed as part of ‘Portraits’, which is a vocal, electronic duo. And that was really great, even despite that bad weather. It was still very interesting and I enjoyed being apart of it. The audience were great!

Are you performing this year?
Yeah. I’m going to be performing on the opening night as apart of the duo ‘Massive Explosion’, which is kind of a tongue and cheek, beat laden duo, who like to get everyone dancing and laughing and having a good time, so I thought that would be a good way to open the arcade.

What made you want to come back and work on the Arcade again?
I really love Sam Trubridge’s work, and I think he’s a great leader. His imagination is crazily good, and I think he has visions that benefit both artists and the community, which is very rare- to have them both equally addressed. It’s great fun. It’s a really beautiful work; the containers just look awesome when they’re set out with amazing visual art, performance art going on.

And then you add music to it!
Exactly, it’s the whole hob.

That relationship isn’t as common as people may think- music and visual arts, working alongside each other.
Completely and I think visual art and music and everything in the creative realm really, they all go hand in hand and bounce of each other, and I think all of the artists are into all of the different mediums so it makes complete sense to have them side by side. A very wholesome event!  

What have the biggest challenges been so far?
Just co-ordination of all the gear and working out what each band needs. The bands have been really co-operative, and very, very keen and enthusiastic about the Arcade. All of them!

What are you looking forward to?
I guess having all the mediums side by side like you were saying. I think it’s going to be wonderful and just listening to the musicians work, and seeing everybody enjoy it and be inspired- a musician can inspire a visual artist, and vice versa, and I think that kind of thing will take place. I just hope it’s good weather, and if it isn’t, well we will be very historic and carry on regardless.
The Live Music Series 2013 opens in The Performance Arcade on Thursday February 14th with Massive Explosion, Gizmosaic and Porcelain Toy. Over the following three days and evenings we have a line up amazing musical performances including: French For Rabbits, Seth Frightening, Athuzela Brown, I.Ryoko, Grayson Gilmour, Urban Tramper, Black City Lights, St Cosmos, Pyramider, Titzsyndrome, Interrupt Collective, The Body Lyre, Bond Street Bridge, Minelli, and Luckless. For the full programme visit:


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