Black City Lights (Calum Robb and Julia Catherine Parr) make pop music with a dark twist. Defined as ‘chill wave’, this slick producer and vocalist duo emerged on the scene a year ago with their acclaimed debut EP Parallels and have been awarded NZ On Air grants for follow-up music videos and other releases. In two weeks these rising stars of NZ music will play in The Live Music Series their unique mix of electronic pop, lush synth work, free-flowing drum patterns, cathartic vocal melodies and haunted soundscapes.

black city lightsHannah McDougall talks with producer/writer Calum Robb about their performance in The Performance Arcade on Saturday 16th February.

How would you describe yourself and your music?

We like to say we make dark pop with a twist. Calum and Julia have two totally separate musical backgrounds. Calum’s being electronic and Julia’s being more classic and folk.

What are you listening to at the moment?

New Look, Purity Ring, Bad Blocks, Estere, Foxtrot, Blackbird Blackbird, Sun Glitters, Nosaj Thing, plus too many to say…ha-ha!

How do you like to engage with your audience?

I think our music kinda takes people aback. Personally it’s something the majority of people haven’t really heard of before, whilst still having relateable elements.

What are your hopes for your performance at the Arcade? That everyone enjoys him or herself and have people leave with a different perspective on electronic music.

Black City Lights will be performing Saturday 16th February at 8pm, in The Performance Arcade on Wellington’s Waterfront (Waitangi Stream Promenade, behind Te Papa)

$10.00 admission. Door Sales only.


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