urban tramper


Andy Hoy (drums/midi triggers)
Lake (vocals/bass/midi fighter)
Phil Jones (keys/backing vocals/midi triggers)

Hannah McDougall talks with Lake from Urbantramper, about their performance in the Live Music Series, featured in the Performance Arcade 2013.

What will you be doing in The Performance Arcade?

We’ll be performing a bunch of new songs from our forthcoming EP: NeverBefore: A Colony for Urban Change. They’re electro sea shanties written expressly for the play of the same name. We’ll also be playing tracks from our most recent album Internet Freedom is Love.

How would you describe yourself and your music?

I’m a guy who started making tunes and couldn’t stop- so now he can’t do anything else. Urbantramper makes electricUTOPIA music. Idealistic pop for the wireless. ElectricUTOPIA is an aural representation of unrealised dreams. It’s the soundtrack to the future we forgot – we still hold a hope for that future. Utopia, used positively, gives shape to our idealistic musings. It is the northern star that we strive for but cannot, and will not, ever reach. It is this unattainable quality which gives utopia its value a conceptual tool.

What are you listening to at the moment?

The last track that really moved me was the first track off the Bat for Lashes album. Also mixing a couple of killer Timothy Blackman tracks. 

How do you like to engage with your audience? What would you like them to experience in your music?  

The new stuff we’re doing is very electronic. Our goal is to perform the music live in a way that is exciting to watch and also fun to play. This means creating the music in real time and having the ability to jam and improvise as we go. We avoid backing tracks and try and play or trigger things as much as possible. 

I like to be as welcoming as possible to the audience. When people relate to the artist, or at least have been invited into their world, then they’re much more likely to experience the music at a deeper level and thus contribute to the energy in the space. I like music that makes me feel something, music that makes me want to change my life, or declare my love for someone. So I put heart & soul into my movements and the delivery of the lyrics. But sometimes it’s tough. Sometimes you’re in Methven and there’s 5 guys talking about converting their crops to dairy and why would they give a fuck about electro tunes about the online chat from Wellington?

What are your hopes for your performance at the Arcade? 

My hopes for a show are always the same. Hopefully somebody will like the songs. Hopefully somebody will be moved to feel something. Hopefully somebody will dance.

Urbantramper will be performing on Saturday the 16th of February from 8pm in The Performance Arcade on Wellington’s waterfront.

$10.00 admission. Door sales only.



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