PA2013 Interview #1


Caitlin Le Harivel’s Culinary Installation

Hannah McDougall talks to chef/ performance designer Caitlin Le Harivel about ‘Out of the Box: a culinary carnival’, her new work featured in the Performance Arcade 2013.


Le Harivel studied Performance Design at Massey University/Toi Whakaari, and currently studies at Le Cordon Bleu and works as a chef at Social Cooking. She is intrigued by the way different cultures interact with food.

“It’s an interactive installation, where people can eat parts of the work. There will be two stalls, similar in terms to an actual carnival.

Feast Upon Your Fortune will feature a fortune teller, who will spray the candyfloss with flavours such as ‘Smoke on the Water’, or ‘A Bit of Spice’, depending on what you need in your future.

“In How Mend a Broken Heart,  you’ll have a selection of jars of (chocolate) hearts that have been broken in different ways i.e. abandonment, greed, neglect-which should be quite fitting for Valentine’s Day! After you have selected your heart, the mender of hearts will prepare a hot chocolate elixir to cure your ailment.

“What I’m after in the Arcade is this sense of play. I want to create things where you can feel like a kid again, that kind of ‘Willie Wonka’ experience where you can find the fun in food… It’s really just about getting people engaged and excited about it.”

Out of the Box: a culinary carnival will be performed on Thursday the 14th of February from 6-11pm and Friday the 15th from 10am-11pm at the Performance Arcade on Wellington’s waterfront.



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